Monday, May 7, 2012

Imitation is the Greatest Compliment

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Imitation is the Greatest Compliment

ISO 800 f/11 1/15s. 1 SB-26 High camera right @ 24mm 1/16 power snooted 1 foot above subject triggered with pocket wizard plus IIs.

Finish a roll of 120 today after months of having this film sit in a camera. It is amazing how long it can take me to take 12 shots. This practice of taking 12 shots over several months is quite different than modern method of taking a picture with my phone and then sharing with millions of people within a minute using services such as instagram or flickr.

I honestly don't take as many photo with my iPhone as other iPhone owners, and I mostly use instagram to publish and share photos taken with my Nikon D90. My greatest complaint about the iPhone as a camera, is the lack of manual controls. No exposure compensation, no white balance adjustment; it drives me insane to use something with that little control.

I am very excited about dropping off my film tomorrow, and I might reconsider selling my Mamiya when I see these images.

until tomorrow, enjoy

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