Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day - 60 Point-and-Shoot Strobist

Lighting Info:
Olympus C2040Z (What a clunky name Olympus!) ISO 100 f/8.0 1/800s 7.3mm (Probably 28-35mm equivalent )

1 SB-26 @ 35mm 1/16th power High camera right about 3 feet from subject triggered with on camera flash.

Day - 60 Point-and-Shoot Strobist

View On Black

I did not manage to take any photo this morning before going to work but, I did have a flash and stand in the trunk and my old Olympus point-and-shoot with me. I have been wanting to try off-camera flash, with this camera for sometime. This camera allows me to manually set my exposure and has a TTL terminal on the side; I don't have a cable for it but, I may get a TTL to PC cable to use this camera with my radio triggers.

Here is a shot of the camera I took with my iPhone 4 on Day 12
Day - 12 Don't Count Your Pixels

Just for fun an on-camera flash to see what we got
Day - 60 On Camera

Wow! talk about a mug shot, and I believe that is a shadow in the bottom left corner created by the lens. I like the original photo out of the camera but, I really wanted it to pop; I added some split toning in Lightroom to give the image an eerie cross-processed look.

Original No Processing
DAY - 60 Unprocessed

Here is the setup for this shoot
Day - 60 Setup Shot

I really enjoyed using this little camera with it's 2.1 megapixel sensor for off camera flash; I don't think they make camera phone sensors with that few pixels any more. The ability to sync the flash at 1/800s is a plus when controlling ambient light. This camera also has an aperture of f/1.8 when it is needed. With my collection of lenses my Nikon D90 certainly offers me more flexibility with off-camera flash but, it was fun to see what could be done with an old point-and-shoot.

Until tomorrow,