Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 125 - Cinco de Mayo 2012

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Day 125 - Cinco de Mayo 2012

ISO 100 f/32 1/200s SB-26s right and left @ 85mm 1/8th power and 1 SB-800 @ 17mm 1/4th power from underneath diffused through white paper triggered with pocket wizard plus IIs.

So I posted this a day early, but if I do go out tomorrow there will be no way I could pull this shot off after a few drinks.

This shot didn't take as long to set up the lights as I thought, but I did invest a lot of time cleaning the aquarium and still had extra work in post to clean up floating debris. The timing was more challenging than I expected, and it was hard not to rotate the label of the bottle when dropping the beer into the water. Holding the beer and lime in one hand also proved to be a challenge, but I am pleased with the results.

until tomorrow,
happy cinco de mayo

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