Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 150 - The Stoop

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ISO 640 1/200s f/13 1 SB-800 @ 24mm 1/2 power very high camera right triggered with on camera pop-up (I forgot my other radio trigger and I had 2 dead flashes in the bag).

Day 150 - The Stoop
I had a different shot planned tonight at the sprinkler park in downtown, but right as I got my lights setup and metered the sprinklers cut off. What luck! I went to my back up photo in the sketchy parking lot where I shoot The Santa Cruz to find 2 of my 3 flashes now had dead batteries and the battery in my D90 was about to die (luckily it uses the same battery as my D70s which I also had with me).

I didn't want to take another self-portrait and most 365 project are day after day of self-portraits. I have been told by Leela that I make unnatural looks when a camera is pointed at me, and I need to practice my looks in the mirror. Staring in the mirror seems vain, but I might start posting self-portraits as practice. Planning this shot did give me another idea for a photo in this dilapidated parking lot.

setup here
The Stoop Setup

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