Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 124 - Green Spiral

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Day 124 - Green Spiral

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ISO 100 f/32 1/200s @ 300mm .95 meters for a Reproduction of 1:2. 1 SB-800 Camera Left snooted set to TTL triggered with NIkon CLS

Tonight I thought I would be lazy and shoot this new flower I found in the yard earlier this afternoon with my 18-105mm kit lens and a handheld flash set to TTL. I honestly didn't feel like metering light after the work week I have had. The 18-105 lens was not getting as tight on the flower as I wanted; I then went into the house grabbed the 70-300, a flash stand, and a snoot.

I still didn't get the point-of-view I wanted until I got down on my back and aimed up at this flower which was slumping down slightly. A 100mm macro lens would have been a life saver on this one and got me a life size reproduction, but I think I am going to invest in an ultra-wide angel or fisheye lens in the next week.

until tomorrow,

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