Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 147 - Taming the Sun

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Yesterday I got a Nikon D70s in the mail from eBay. Before you think I stepped back from my D90, take a look what can be done with this camera.

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Day 146 - Taming the Sun

The D40, D50, D70, and D70s have a hybrid Mechanical-Electrical Shutter which normally allows for 1/500s flash sync; a full-stop faster than the 1/250s sync found on $6000 flagship Nikon and Canon cameras. With a Pocket Wizard Radio triggers you can expand this sync to 1/1000s, and when used with cables or optically triggering the remote flash with a hotshoe flash; unlimited sync is possible. When the shutter speed begins to exceed the flash duration, the full power of the flash will not reach the sensor; but with digital cameras you get instant feedback and can make adjustments as needed.

The only complaints I have found so far about the D70s are: The minimum ISO is 200 ( I would love to drop down another stop to 100, but no big deal), and the inability to set my white balance in Kelvin (this is a real annoyance for me because I always dial my white balance in this way on my D90). Even though the D70s has a few short comings and lower resolution, the ability to shoot off-camera flash outside during bright conditions allows for more opportunities. I can guarantee you will see more photos taken with this camera.

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