Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 178 - Rim Light

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ISO 200 f/2.8 1/30s 1 SB-26 @ 85mm 1/64th power bare behind me (It's the big white ball below my left ear). Triggered with Pocket Wizard Plus IIs.

View On Black
Rim Light

Started off the night with another multiple exposure shot that I trashed. The shot that didn't make it was of me looking into a mirror before my hair cut and another an hour later after cutting my hair looking into the camera. I then layered the shot so both images of my face would be looking into the camera. It didn't turn out well, and I think my bathroom is too small to pull off that kind of shot.

After caning the first shot I drove to a local outdoor shopping center to shoot, but I was then kicked out 20 seconds after setting up my tripod.

After being escorted out of the shopping center, I then went to Big Spring Park to take this shot. It is actually a composite of two exposures. The first was with my flash firing, and for the second; I locked the focus and turned off the flash. I then blended the two layers in photoshop after I had imported them into Lightroom. I then made several adjustments in Lighroom of the composite. Once all of those tweaks where made, I then exported the image back to Photoshop to add in Scan lines, only to import back into lightroom a 3rd time to add a grain effect.

Rim Light Flash Layer

Rim Light Ambient Layer

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