Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 162 - Reflection

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ISO 200 f/10 1/200s 1 SB-800 @ 24mm 1/32nd power camera left and above subject with mini-softbox on flash, triggered with pocket wizard plus IIs.

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Day 162 - Reflection

I wanted to try this for some time. I knew from logic and my understanding of light; that I would get these results without much headache, but it is still hard to wrap you head around the fact I can shot objects on a mirror and not see all the other things in the room. I included a setup shot to show exactly how I did this. If you try this the one thing to keep in my mind, without going into the family-of-angles, frame your shot so that you don't see any of the ambients lights in the room. Also, don't forget to spend a little time cleaning anytime you shoot glass. I hope you enjoy this photo and check out my very simple setup.

setup here shot at ISO 200 f/10 1/6s to let the ambient light from the room in.
Reflections Setup

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