Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 161 - On White

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ISO 100 f/32 1/200s 1 SB-800 @ 24mm 1/32nd power inside a mini-softbox behind subject 1 bare SB-26 @ 85mm 1/64th power camera left, and for the setup shot I used an additional SB-26 handheld @ 70mm 1/4th power to light the equipment.

On white

Picked up this mini-softbox at the the other day, and thought I would try a flower photo on white. I am not sure if I picked the best subject, and I can't decide if the bare flash illuminating the front side of the flower is overexposed. I would love some feedback on this shot. Should I try more shots on white? If not, I'll stick with shooting on black.

setup shot

until tomorrow,

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