Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 164 - Bare Knuckle

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I got my Bare Knuckle up and running again after 1 year of being in parts. I will hopefully have a matching rear wheel soon. I really wanted to do a 3 light setup tonight, and here is tonights process.

I started with 1 SB-26 @ 50mm full power into a reflective umbrella camera right triggered with a pocket wizard plus II.
Bare Knuckle Setup

Looking good! Now a little fill from the left with 1 SB-800 @ 50mm 1/4th power with a shoot through umbrella.
Bare Knuckle Setup

I am starting to like this shot! I have pretty even light from left to right across the bike, but the shot was looking a little soft and needed a punch. I then added in 1 more SB-26 @ 85 mm full power down the hill from the bike to get a nice clean hard shadow. The soft light from my umbrella gave enough fill to not had a mug shoot hard black shadow on the wall.
Bare Knuckle Setup

The third flash is in the very left of the frame. I used only one pair of radio triggers for this setup on the 1st light. The other 2 flashes were triggered with the built-in optical slaves. I am really impressed that my 3rd light fired from this distance.

And here is the final image

ISO 200 f/5 1/200s
Day 164 - Bare Knuckle

until tomorrow,

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