Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 86 - Kryptonite

ISO 100 f/2 1/200s 1 SB-800 @ 24mm 1/32 power.

This simple shot took more work setting up than I expected. It was diffictult to frame since I could not look through the viewfinder to frame this shot, and focusing was also a concern when shooting at a large aperture. I managed to take this shot by strapping my Kryptonite bike lock to a spare flash stand, which I used to frame my shot and focus. I then moved the stand out of the shot, and clicked my shutter with my left had which was on tripod. Many shots resulted the lock being partially framed, or I had move my lock forward or backward; causing and out of focus shot. Sorry, no set up shot tonight.

Until tomorrow,

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