Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 77 - Two Lips of Spring

Lighting Info:
ISO 800 f/18 1/200s. 1 SB-26 @85mm 1/32nd power snooted on a wescott light stand directly above the subject at its lowest position possible (probably 16 inches above).
Day 77 - Two Lips of Spring

This another little gem from my front yard. I am really getting excited about spring photography now; so much so, that I went out at midnight to set this shot up. I chose to use my Sigma 70-300 since it gives me a maximum reproduction 1:2 vs. the 1:5 my 18-105mm lens gives me. The biggest problem I have with using this lens is the inability to hand hold my flash since my minimum focus distance is .95 meters with this lens, and for shots low to the ground my flash stand can't get my flash close enough. After thinking about this shot, I am going to try putting the camera on a tripod with my flash in hand and trigger my camera with the remote instead.

Here is this shot from a different angle @ 70 mm.
Day 77 - setup

When I realized I couldn't get the flash stand to show up in the exposure at even 1s, I almost got a second stand and flash from the house to light my scene for my setup shot; but when I saw the shot, I really like the flower lit against a dark background with no sign of the stand (I assure you I didn't mask out the stand in post). The flower was not very sharp in the setup photo, and I plan to do similar shots by filling my frame with the ground and flower and adding additional background in post.

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