Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 75 - After the Storm.

ISO 100 f/22 1/200s 1 SB-26 @ 35mm 1/32nd power handheld a few inches camera left triggered with pocket wizard plus IIs.Day 75 - After the Storm.

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We experienced some serious storms this evening, and I was afraid I would not get a shot in. After brainstorming all day long on what to shoot, I had finally settled on a shot that would require me leaving the house after dark. The rain and heavy wind started before I could pack a camera bag. I had seen this tulip in the my yard earlier this afternoon, but I refused to shoot it in the middle of the day and compete with the hard direct sunlight. After the weather settled down to a a moderate rain I went directly to my garage looking for my shot, then I remembered this guy in the yard. Normally I would set my flash to slave and trigger the off-camera flash with the pop-up, but I wanted to be quick and avoid misfires given the rainy conditions. So I strapped a pocket wizard to the side of the flash and a small LED flashlight to the flash head for an autofocus assist lamp.

Here is my setup taken a few minutes later.
Day 75

The flashlight is a life saver when trying to autofocus at night. Lighting Info for this shot. The SB-26 was @ 85mm 1/4th power ISO 100 f/29 1/200s fired into a mirror a few inches from the flash to light itself, and the flash was obviously triggered with the attached pocket wizard.

And just for fun! A setup shot of my flash rig using only ambient light
Day 75-2

Info for this shot was ISO 1600 1/20s f/4 handheld. In both shots I had my garage lights on, this is an example how you can control ambient light with shutter speed. I could have very easily killed this light at a much slower shutter speed than 1/200s, but I wanted to stick to my maximum sync speed.

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