Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day - 64 Eye on Spring

Day - 64 Eye on Spring
Lighting Info:
1 SB-26 1 meter camera Right @35mm 1/8th power bare triggered with Pocket Wizard Plus IIs

View On Black

ISO 400 f/14 1/200s @ 300mm.

Can't decide if I over did it with Photoshop on this photo. The first shot is simple profile shot of Ginger looking into the flash, and the second is a zoom drag shot of my jessamine. I had the ideal to use the jessamine as a background a few mornings ago. Which inspired the shot from The Thursday Night Ride. I actually got the zoom drag idea from a Bryan Petterson tutorial. I really like how Bryan Petterson can take the simplest ideas and turn them into great photographs. I would love some feedback on the use of the background for this shot. Is it to much?

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