Friday, March 30, 2012

DAY 83 - Hollywood

Nothing Like a Schwinn Hollywood on a friday night.

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DAY 83 - Hollywood

Lighting info:
ISO 100 f/1.4 1/200s. 1 SB-800 Camera left @ 35mm 1/64th power shoot through umbrella triggered with pocket wizard plus IIs, and 1 SB-26 very far camera left as rim @ 85mm 1/16th power.

Setup here shot here
DAY 83-3

I initially was going to shoot the dogwood tree in my yard, but I decided I needed to leave the house for a photo tonight. This bike pictured, is my late 50s early 60s Chicago Schwinn Hollywood; complete with a ridiculously large basket that fit all of my equipment I needed for tonights shot. I can't believe this bike has sat so long without being ridden. When I came up with this shot in my head I thought I might have to get down on the ground to get the point-of-view that I needed, but I discovered a ditch next to the side walk that I could set my umbrella up in and take my shot. The traffic was rather light tonight, so I didn't get the amount of bokeh I hoped for from the breaks lights; and I keep going back and forth about wether I like this shot better with the rim light, or not. I chose to post the shot with the rim, because I really wanted to do a 2 light setup for tonight.

Here is another setup shot from the street to see what the passing cars saw
DAY 83-2

On both setup shots, I adjusted the ISO to 640 to compensate for the shift in aperture from f/1.4 to f/3.5; meaning the exposures should be equal in both the setup shot and the actual shot. This shot didn't come out quite the way I planned, and I can't decide what it is that I don't like. As usual, any comments, criticisms, or advice is always welcome.

until tomorrow,

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