Friday, March 9, 2012

Day - 68 Coffee & Cream

Day - 68 Coffee & Cream

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Lighting Info:
ISO 400 f/5.6 1/200s @ 105mm
1 SB-26 @ 70mm 1/32nd power behind high camera left aimed at background.
1 SB-800 @ 50mm 1/64th power shoot through umbrella camera left with white foam board camera right for fill.

After the fun I had yesterday taking a picture of the candle, I wanted to step it up a bit after seeing my ugly countertop in the photo. For this shot, I used a baby blanket for the background and rummaged through Leela's sewing cabinet for a nice piece of fabric to cover the table. Having no background or reflector stands I resorted to using my dinning room chairs instead. The reflector camera right is clamped to a chair, and the blanket used as background is suspended between two chairs using clothes pins. This adorable cat creamer was found at my local coffee roster The Kaffeeklatsch.

Setup shot from the front
Day - 68 Setup Front

Setup shot from behind
Day - 68 Setup Behind

I didn't have my tablet with me to handwrite the notes into the photos but, I added all of the flash setting notes into the photos. Post Processing included only saturation adjustment and I desaturated the pink reflection on the cat. With the weather getting warmer I should really go shoot outside, but I really wanted to take a second shot at a still life photo and I am happy with the results I got this time.

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