Friday, March 2, 2012

Day − 62 Thursday Night Ride

Lighting Info:
1 SB-26 @35mm 1/4 power In front of subject 7feet and 1 SB-26 @35mm 1/8th power 7 feet behind Subject

Day − 62 Thursday Night Ride

This by far, was the most challenging off-camera flash setup I have done.

View the set here

Please give me any comments, criticisms, suggestions or ideas on how to improve the shots in this set. I look forward to trying this again when the days get longer and I can mix ambient light into these shots.

For the past 6 months I have been trying to figure out how to take off camera flash shots from a moving bicycle; I wanted to take photos of our weekly thursday night ride. Each week a group of friends ride single speed bikes on a fun fast pace ride around town that finishes up the night with mexican food and margaritas.

Basic setup shot here.

I only have 2 radio triggers so the front flash had the trigger and the back flash set to slave, which did not fire every time. The other major short coming of this shoot was the lack of time I had to prep my assistants Justin and Tommy about keeping a consistent distance from the subject. I tried to explain how the flash exposure would be a function of distance but, I was rushed and most likely didn't explain it clearly. Hopefully these shots will get my friends excited enough about off-camera flash that I can take the time to teach them a few things and we can better coordinate our shots.

I attempted to get some flash drags in my shoots by setting the shutter to bulb but, the light streaks were washed out by the flash. I decided to take a few long exposure at the stop lights and them blend them into the background to fill the void space. Autofocus was also nearly impossible especially in the sequence of shoots on this road where there were no street lights. I set my focus while riding through well light areas and switched my camera to manual focus and depended on zone focusing to maintain sharp images.

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