Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 192 - Think outside of the Green Box

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ISO 100 f/16 6.5s.  1 SB-800 @ 17mm 1/16th power inside of Pocket Softbox aimed at command dial triggered with pocket wizard plus IIs.  Green light painted in using the LED flash from my iPhone with 2 Rosco Tough Green Gels doubled over.

Day 192 - Think outside of the Green Box

For non camera people, Canon camera's have a green box where Nikon has the Green Auto Camera icon.  I got this idea after a conversation with a friend (Canon Shooter) who told me he had recently started to venture outside of "The Green Box".  Anyone who looks at my EXIF data will see I almost exclusively shoot in Manual Mode, the exception is available light photos I might shoot in Aperture-priority; even with available light I shoot in manual if I don't need to shoot photos back to back quickly.  From whitebalace to ISO I like to dial everything in manually.  On this shot, I even dialed the focus in on the command dial manually by zooming in on the live view to get a precise focus.

setup shot
Think outside of the Green Box-2

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