Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 182 - Fit

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Day 182 Fit

ISO 200 f/2.8 1/1000s 1 SB-26 on each side of me @ 24mm 1/2th power fired at wall. Triggered with pocket wizard plus IIs

setup shot
Day 182 Fit Setup Shot

I want to start by giving my sincerest thanks to everyone on Flickr, Facebook, twitter, instagram, and of course all of my friends and family who have given me such great positive feedback. You have no idea how much it motivates when I have people tell me how much they enjoy my photos.

For today's photo I decided to photograph my car as practice for a future shoot. The problem with lighting cars is that I don't own any large softboxes. I Improvised by bouncing 2 flashes off of a white wall behind me. I am not sure why I chose to shoot a profile shot of the car and wish I had picked a sexier angle, but the point was to learn and get better.

until tomorrow,

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