Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 187 - The Cog

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ISO 100 f/22 1/200s 1 SB-26 in mini-softbox directly behind and above subject to create a direct reflection.  Triggered with pocket wizard plus IIs.

Day 187 - The Cog

Still not feeling 100% lately and I was short on ideas.  Someone might try to tell me this shot is underexposed, and I will agree with them that this exposure might be a stop under.  From the exposures that I bracketed I like this one best, because it showed the texture of the metal and was not bright enough to show the dirty spots on the glass.  I like that I didn't have to use a the clone tool or healing bush to mask out the dirty spots  of glass, so I think this exposure is the correct one.

setup shot
The Cog Setup

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