Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 191 - Keep on Running

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ISO 100 f/11 1/200s 1 SB-800 in mini-softbox @ 17mm 1/8th power witha CTO (Color Temperature Orange) Gel with 2 SB-26s @ 50mm 1/64th power fired at a white foam board.

Day 191 - Keep on Running

We are getting some much needed rain tonight so I setup this product shot in the garage.  I have used this technique with a CTO gel during daylight hours to turn the daylight blue, but this was the first time attempting this with flashes.  Because the camera whitebalance was adjusted to tungsten the flashes fired at the foam board appeared blue.  The SB-800 with orange gel became white with simple adjustment of white balance in the camera.

You might think why not shoot it all this on white and adjust the color in post.  I tired this for fun and it never locked natural.  Maybe I could get these results in post if my Photoshop skill were better, but I prefer to get my look in camera and make only minor adjustments in post.  It was very rewarding to see this shot on the back of the LCD appear almost identical to what you are seeing.

setup shot
Keep on Running Setup

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