Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day - 91 Wine and Cheese

View On Black for best results
Day - 91 Wine and Cheese

ISO 100 f/4 1/200s
SB-800 @17mm 1/32 power in a collapsed umbrella behind subject to create a direct reflection on the knife, and 1 SB-26 @ 24mm 1/32 power camera left with a shoot through umbrella. Triggered with Pocket Wizard Plus IIs.

Day - 91 Wine and Cheese Setup

Tonight I wanted to take a shot at food photography. I had planned this shot in my head since Christmas when Leela received this beautiful cheese plate with the knife pictured. After reading Light, Science, and Magic, I really wanted to put into practice what I learned about direct reflections and taking photos of metal objects. Because my main light, camera left, is outside my family of angles; all the light hitting the polished metal will be reflected out of the frame and the blade would appear dark grey. The light behind, which was in my family of angels, creates the direct reflection resulting in white reflection seen in this shot. Without the light camera left the cheese board went to a dark grey tone; meaning that the rear light contributes almost exclusively to the exposure of the knife alone. The image here is straight out of the camera for the exception of added whitespace in photoshop; I could not frame this shot without having the edge of the table in my shot, and I need to add more table. At first, I had trouble framing my shot to give me the appropriate reflection in the knife; until I realized I a simply need to adjust my camera position until I saw the umbrella in the knife reflection.

until tomorrow, I have more wine to drink and cheese to eat.

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