Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 120 - Razor Splash

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 ISO 200 1/200s f/22. 1 SB-26 camera right @ 85mm 1/64th power, and 1 SB-800 camera left @ 85mm 1/64th power triggers with pocket wizard plus IIs.

 Setup shot
 Day 120 Setup shot

I found an aquarium the other day on the side of the road and needed to do something with this old Motorola Razor cell phone that has been dead and in my desk for years. I could have spent hours dropping things into this aquarium, this was almost as much fun as shooting last nights shot. I recommend to anyone who attempts this, to clean the aquarium very well and save some time in post. Ever speck of dust and dirt will show up at f/22 when the flash hits it.

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