Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 214 - Bokeh

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ISO 100 f/1.6 1/4 1 SB-26 @ 24mm 1/32nd power with full CTO inside Pocket Softbox very close camera left.

View On Black
Day 214 - Bokeh

I recently got a clear piece of Acrylic from a home improvement store for about $4 for an 11x14 sheet and spray painted the back side with flat black paint.  I almost goofed on this shot by not gelling my flash and shooting in Daytime whitebalance, when I realized the colors where not coming out as expected I remember that the X-mas lights are tungsten.  Throw on a CTO Gel and change the camera white balance and problem solved.  Looking at the bokeh balls, I think it is time to clean the rear lens element.

setup shot
Bokeh Setup

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